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Buy a wristband for all day access - come in and out as many times as you please on the same wristband for the day.

Adult £12.00

Children (under 16) £9.00

Under 5s FREE

Family pass (x2 adults + x2 children) £35.00

Student discount £10.00

Monday-Friday 6pm-10pm

Saturday/Sunday 11am-10pm


Retro Replay Inclusion Policy

This inclusion policy has been written with due attention paid to, and in accordance with, the
contents of the Equality Act 2010.

Retro Replay will not tolerate any discrimination based upon race, age, religion, gender identity,
or disability status. Any incidents thereof will be taken with the utmost seriousness.


In respect to those patrons who may require the assistance of a carer, one person will be
allowed entry to the venue at no cost in order to act in an assistive capacity only.


This will include making sure the individual requiring care is settled, setting up a game, purchasing drinks
and snacks for them etc. It does not however include directly interacting with any of the


Should any carer wish to play themselves, they will be required to pay an entry fee.

Retro Replay Refunds Policy

Retro Replay will only issue refunds for orders providing the customer has not redeemed the order.

It is up to the discretion of management to refund wristband purchases for dissatisfied customers.

Retro Replay will not refund any wristband purchases on complaints made after the customer has left the venue and not made staff aware on their visit.

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