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There's no harm in some friendly competition... right?

Here you'll be able to submit your highscores as some of our older machines don't have the ability to save highscores once powered down.

To ensure all competition is clean and fair please ensure you photograph your highscore with our validation sticker in view in order for us to confirm it.

Sadly it's not possible for us to maintain a leaderboard for all our arcade machines especially for racing games.

More to follow...

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Battle Shark​

4,244,860 - LM (Lewis M)

Bomb Jack ​

205,720 - Ragegaugegamerz (Daniel J.)

Crazy Kong​

10,200 - Benny-F

Double Dragon

91,820 -  Mark Randall


10,390 - Gary S

Mr Do!

241,450 - Retro Gaz (Gary S.)

46,600 -  LM


154,120 -  Andy J.

64,880 - DJJonesYT

50,360 - Parker (William P.)

Pac Land​


149,240 - andylorne (Andy L.)

145,090 - Loz (Lorraine R.)

Space Invaders Pt 2.

7,930 -  Dicky (Richard H.)


294,100 - Wills (James W.)

You'll need to take a picture of your high score with our score validator sticker in the picture in order for us to validate your score...

Special Criminal Investigation

5,499,610 -  Azure2107 (Ashley)

4,121,190 - Adam Ray

Time Crisis 2​


779,310 -  CatBusStop (Tom)

Link Play

1,055,370 - CatBusStop (Tom + Joe)

The Punisher

3,965.508 Tom.C 

2019-2021 Retro Replay  Limited