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Players - 4 Player

Release year - 1982

Developer - Bally/Midway

Type - Pinball

How to play:

This pinball machine unusually features a combined video game. The Vid-Grid Pac-Maze is recessed into the centre of the playfield and acts as a special level. Earn moves by playing the table, and once you have six moves you can enter the Pac-Maze on the Vid-Grid. There, you will use the flipper buttons to navigate Pac-Man (a yellow icon) around the Grid without being caught by the ghost (a red icon).

But to access the Pac-Maze, you’ll need your finest pinball skills. Hit the drop targets to reveal the letters PAC-MAN on stand-up targets. Light all of these to spell the character’s name and enter the Maze. This game also features a notoriously difficult skill shot with a great reward.

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