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Players - 2 Player

Release year - 1979

Developer - Midway/Namco

Type - Shooter

How to play:

Galaxian is a fixed shooter video game. The player controls a starship, titled the "Galaxip", with the objective being to clear each round of the titular Galaxians. The enemies appear in formation towards the top of the screen, with two escort ships, labeled the "Galaxian Flagship" or "Galboss". Enemies will make a divebomb towards the bottom of the screen while shooting projectiles in an attempt to hit the player. The Galaxip can only fire a single shot on-screen, and must wait for it to hit the top before being able to fire another, due to limitations of the hardware. 

Galaxian Flagships will make a divebomb with two red escort ships - shooting all three of these will award the player bonus points, with extra points awarded to the destruction of the flagship. Enemy movement will increase as the game progresses alongside the number of shots that the enemies fire. The game's attract mode featured a short plotline, titled "WE ARE THE GALAXIANS. MISSION: DESTROY ALIENS". Rounds are indicated by small flags at the bottom of the screen.

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