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Crazy Kong.png

Players - 2 Player

Release year - 1981

Developer - Falcon

Type - Platform


How to play:

Crazy Kong is an arcade game developed by Falcon, released in 1981 and is similar to Nintendo's Donkey Kong. Although commonly believed to be a bootleg version, the game was officially licensed for operation only in Japan when Nintendo couldn't keep up with demand at home (even though Donkey Kong was still released there), and is based on different hardware. The game retains all of the gameplay elements of Donkey Kong, but has all of the graphics redrawn and re-colorized. Falcon breached their contract by exporting the cabinets overseas which led Nintendo to revoke their license in January 1982. Like the original game, Crazy Kong had bootleg copies under such titles as Congorilla, Big Kong, Donkey King, and Monkey Donkey.

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