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Release year - 1984

Developer - Commodore Business Machines (CBM)

Media Type - Cassette

The Commodore 16 is a home computer made by Commodore International with a 6502-compatible 7501 or 8501 CPU, released in 1984 and intended to be an entry-level computer to replace the VIC-20. A cost-reduced version, the Commodore 116, was sold only in Europe.

The C16 and C116 belong to the same family as the higher-end Plus/4 and are internally very similar to it (albeit with less RAM - 16 rather than 64 KB - and lacking the Plus/4's user port and integrated office suite). As a result, software is generally compatible among all three provided it can fit within the C16's smaller RAM and does not utilize the user port on the Plus/4.

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