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Release year - 1993

Developer - Commodore Business Machines (CBM)

Media Type - CD-Rom

The Amiga CD32, styled Amiga CD32 and code-named "Spellbound", is a 32 bit home video game console developed by Commodore and released in western EuropeAustraliaCanada and Brazil. It was first announced at the Science Museum in London on July 16, 1993, and was released in September of the same year.

The CD32 is part of a family of Amiga computers and other hardware. It uses CD-ROM as its storage medium. It was based on Commodore's Advanced Graphics Architecture chipset, and is of similar specification to the Amiga 1200computer. Using third party devices, it is possible to upgrade the CD32 with keyboardfloppy drivehard driveRAMand mouse, turning it into the equivalent of an Amiga 1200 personal computer. A hardware MPEG decompression module for playing Video CD was also released.

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